My biggest fear was being a stranger

By Joseph  |   From : Puerto Rico  |   School : Lake Worth High School

My  name is Joseph and I arrived to the United States in 2017.  I came here because the education in Puerto Rico was a little deficient and we did not have enough teachers in our school.  I had to travel by airplane on my own, and I’ve been here for 7 months. My biggest fear was being a stranger in this country since I didn’t know anybody.  My biggest hopes are becoming a professional basketball player, getting a better education and being someone is the future.

I remember the good times I spent with my cousins and friends in Puerto Rico.  I also remember that we liked to play basketball, ride bike, go to the beach, play baseball and fly kites.

Spending a lot of time with my cousins were the happiest moments in Puerto Rico.  The saddest was when I left because I did not have the chance to say goodbye to my friends.

I remember my first weeks in Florida being in the swimming pool and enjoying the weather.  In school, I remember getting lost; it was a little easy. The school could help the new students arriving to this country by being more patient with them.  We are in a huge country with different rules and a different lifestyle. I even had to learn how to catch a school bus. My happiest moment here was meeting new people and having a blast with friends and family.  The saddest moment is that I can’t speak perfect English.

In the United States, I see new opportunities. When I close and open my eyes I see a future with my family. I want people to know that this is a country of progress. Going to college will help you be someone productive.  You have to learn how to achieve your own goals in order for you to become someone in the future.


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