By Kevin M.  |   From : Upper Marlboro, MD  |   School : International High School at LArgo

My name is Kevin, and I am from EL salvador. My story happens in United States in 2017. The people in my story were a student named Mingo, my teacher, Ms. Angela, and many other students. The main problem in my story was that I did not know how to speak English and I was being discriminated against because of that. Overall, I was mistreated and discriminated against for not speaking a language and for coming from another country. One day I realized that if I did not make changes in my life, this discrimination would continue.

On my first day of school, when I entered the class, I realized that everyone spoke good English. I didn’t know what the students were talking about and the teacher started explaining things to the class. All the other students were understanding what the teacher was teaching. The trouble was that I was not understanding anything she said. After many days I tried to participate in class, but when I tried to do it, the other students made fun of me. 

A student told me, “You don’t know anything at all!” 

To which I replied, “Why do you care about my life?” 

The teacher saw me stand up and told me, “sit down!”

The next days and weeks after that incident, I felt very angry because I wanted to learn English fast. I didn’t want anyone to make fun of me. It seemed every time I went to school I just wanted to go home. Going to school was a horrible experience for me.

Finally, at one point in the year,  I decided to work hard and learn English after my teacher made fun of me for not knowing English in front of the other students. This made me learn that I need to succeed.  I started reading many books and listened to music in English to improve my language. I learned to never give up, because when my teacher made fun of me I was saying this in my mind,

“I will learn english and be successful,”  which I am now.

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