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We came for a better life

By Robi Gonzalez  |   From : Staten Island, NY  |   School : Port Richmond High School

I came to the US in 2014.

When my mom told me that we were moving to the US, I was in school. I was with my friends. We were playing basketball. My friends looked at my face and they all saw I was sad. They started hugging me and everything. Then I smelled food and told them: “let’s go eat” – The food we ate was so good.

When we got out of school that day, I heard a voice. That was my best friend. She came to me crying and she hugged me.

The day before I came to the United States, I went to my Grandma house and there were my whole family. We ate lasagna together.

When I was about to leave, everyone started hugging me. Some of them were crying. Then I started crying. I went to my grandma and told her: “I love you”

My biggest fear was that I thought the life in the US was going to be hard. I felt so sad. I was scared for me and my Mom because we have no family here in NYC. We came for a better life because in my country the economy was no good.

When I arrived to the NY Airport, I was with my Mom. The first thing that I saw was a lot of people from every countries. I felt so weird when I saw all those people. Everybody was speaking English and I did not understand anyone. Me and my mom went to eat the American food. The food smelled so good.

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