carrying you   

By Jordan Ortiz  |   From : Ecuador  |   School : Bloomfield High School

Another day since we came to US
last year when it was spring
after halloween batman and superman
with their plastic bags were together 
getting candies in many houses.


I remember that it was around your birthday
and you told me that you weren’t feeling well at all 
because you didn’t have your friends 
Chris, Paul, Hugo, Bryan, etc with you.
It was then when you decided
to go back to our country Ecuador. 



When you were here in the US 
we loved to play a soccer video game 
called FIFA for playstation 3
I used to score many goals
you were always mad at me 
trying to punch me on my arms 
because I was better than you.
Now no one plays that soccer video game with me.


We used to play soccer in belleville park too
with our sisters and parents at a small field
you liked to kick the ball very hard 
no one could stop your shots 
You were better than me playing
Soccer because you are stronger than me
Now when I go to that park
no one can kick the ball harder than you


I remember those nights
when we used to watch movies 
like spiderman, toy story or harry potter 
at midnight eating doritos and drinking pepsi
We loved to eat tallarines together
You didn’t like to share your food
You were mean with me


I am always talking to my friends
about you. They tell me that 
I am going to see you soon to 
play fifa and eat tallarines 

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