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Change is Good

By Manuela Botero  |   From : West Palm Beach, Florida  |   School : Royal Palm Beach High School

“When I grow up I want to live in the United States” my young self used to say and the people around me said things like “it will never happen!” but in that time I really didn’t care and I still had hope, however I knew it wouldn’t happen because i lived in Medellin, Colombia. Years later, I received a call from my dad that took me by surprise, he just told me that we were moving to Florida, in that moment I cried for one specific reason: too many feelings together. So that’s why I learned that happiness is the key to life because when you have hope, you can chase your goals.

In the beginning of last year my parents started to feel worried because they weren’t having enough money to pay our house. They decided to go live with my grandparents. The months we spent there were difficult because there’s nothing like living alone. My grandparents helped us with everything that we needed, but we also helped them with the things we could. After having those difficult months, my father, Juan found an opportunity to go to the United States. He decided to leave my mom, my little brother and me to find a better job and to have a better future. The moment when he left I felt shattered because i didn’t know when i would see him again.

One of happiest moments that I spent in my country, Colombia, was when my close friends and I got together to spend an amazing time. It was amazing because i felt excited and glad for having good friends, I remember we were sitting on the floor talking about our life when my phone started to ring, so I looked at the screen and answered “Hey Mickey how are you? I need to ask you something important”, it was my father, he call me by my nickname from the United States. Anxiously I replied “Sure, tell me” and then he asked me “Would you like to live here with me?” the moment he said those words I was in shock, because I really didn’t imagine having this big opportunity. As this happened my cousin Laura was trying to listen to our conversation, we both started crying. When I hung up, our friends asked what had happened, and they were impressed.

The day I had to say goodbye I felt devastated, I remember we went to my grandmother’s house and there was my whole family waiting for us to say goodbye and wish us good luck, we listened to music how we used to do when I was younger and I felt it was the last time i would see them for an amount of time.

The day I came to the United States we were so happy to see my dad again, when I saw him I cried of happiness, I remember we went to popeyes to get dinner and then we went to my aunties house where we spent for four months. In May my family and I had the opportunity to move to our own apartment, now we are having a good time because we are all together.

I’m really thankful with the people that helped my family to find new opportunities, to change our old life that wasn’t good at all. I used to be happy in Colombia but now I’m happier.

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