Childhood To Teen Hood

By Ousmane Lashley  |   From : Senegal  |   School : Maryland

The bell finally rang, I couldn’t wait to go home to show my mom my grades after school, on the bus, some group of students was teasing me about how I spoke funny, but I did not understand what they were saying. When I got off the bus, the students kept teasing me. I got mad and told my mother what was happening. When I told my mom she decided to come to my school and talk with my teacher.

The next day of school they continued it when one of the students stood up for me and said “ Stop teasing him he’s from a different country and just came to America, so stop teasing him”, that’s when she became my best friend.

When I went back to school the students kept bullying me still, so during lunch, I was just eating when someone purposely bumped into me, making me spill my food on the floor and I wasn’t in a position to eat lunch at all. I wasn’t able to eat lunch at all because when you spill your lunch, you can’t get another tray. When I came home I was hungry, so my mom went to the kitchen and made some curry chicken to eat.

While I was growing, I forgot Wolof and learned English, which became my main language. At my graduation I had to sing a song for the graduation, I had to sing the words, which was difficult to read. I had to watch the lyrics and sing it over and over again until I memorized it. When I was done singing, a lot of students was impressed on how well I sang the song, since I didn’t know the words.

During middle school, I was getting bullied again because of my culture and where I came from. People used to call me Ebola just because I was from Africa. While I was growing, people used to hit me and physically abuse me. Once I got punched in the eye, he said he wasn’t aiming for my eye but my mouth.

Last year when I was in the Ninth grade there was this girl that used to be mean to me because of my snorting and used to cuss at me every time I talk. I also had ADHD and Epilepsy, so I couldn’t stay still for one minute and I couldn’t walk that far because of my Epilepsy.

I’m in the Tenth grade now and everything has changed, I got friends I can trust. The person that used to bully me is more kind to me and stop cursing at me.

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