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Conquering the World

By Derek Jimenez  |   From : West Palm Beach, Florida  |   School : Royal Palm Beach High School

“Why do we have to leave our friends behind and focus on what’s in front of us?”

Well here it is…we all have obstacles that we can overcome because there is a lot of things in the world that you have to learn from.

During my first day of school in eighth grade, it was nice to hang out with my friends,laugh and smile. I thought it could last but it didn’t last very long. It didn’t last very long because the days felt like as soon as I blink they were over. When it came to the month of December, it felt like the first day of school was yesterday. During the Winter Break I was worried. I couldn’t wait until Christmas Break was over because I wanted to hang out with my friends but at the same time I didn’t want to go back to school because I wanted to stay home and hang out with my brothers.

It was the month of March and I don’t want school to be over. Although school was almost over I did all I could do to let it last. I would encourage my friends and I to sit and spend time together because it was our last year together. Also when I’m by myself I get worried cuz I hate to leave my friend behind. When me and my friends walk together we always walk in groups and we joke around and laugh. You don’t know how it feels like to move away from your friends and leave them forever because when I was little I had went to a daycare called, ¨Tiny Tikes¨ and I had a best friend and we hung out together and we got along very well but when my mom got another job I couldn’t go to Tiny Tikes anymore. I felt gloomy that we don’t see each other anymore although I had to leave him, it was hard but I had to move on.

It’s January 25, 2018 and I’m at Royal Palm Beach High School. This year I feel pretty good about school because I have 3 more years to spend with my friends. I like school because I have friends and I’m doing very good in school, especially Algebra, AVID, Earth Science, and Liberal Arts. My report card came in yesterday and I have all A’s and one B, I feel I can conquer the world as a ninth grader.

When I got home my dad was so proud of me and he told me to keep setting the bar high for my brothers because they look up to me and my brothers say “I make everything look so easy. I see school as a fun place to learn and right now my classes are so easy I don’t even have to try.

I LOVE going to school because its a place where everyone has different backgrounds and we all learn new things from each other, we all get along with each other. Where people can speak other languages and have other accents. This year I have been able to help people with learning English, and I have learned to speak more Spanish. I want to keep on learning more Spanish because when I was little I knew how to speak fluent Spanish but later I became a fluent English speaker. My hope is to help my future children learn Spanish. I have learned that since we´re all diverse we all have obstacles that we can overcome.

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