Crazy Puerto Rican

By xperej  |   From : Panama City, FL, USA  |   School : Bay High School

My life in Puerto Rico, When I first start playing Basketball, sometimes the basketball helps me forget my problems if I focus on what I’m doing because sometimes it does not  help me, When I was growing up when i got to 5 to 6 years my Dad left US I felt awful, he went to Boston, he went there and have his family, people didn’t say nothing when he left my brother and me and he have kids that I don’t know my brothers and Sisters that I don’t know, when he left US and then I went growing up and I play basketball I was doing great at Basketball I have a scholarship.

I went to the United States. My life in Panama City my life is different from my life in Puerto Rico, I like Panama City because the culture is great but it’s not that great as my country Puerto Rico, Panama city don’t have the same the food of Panama city does not have the same taste of Puerto Rico.

For my future I want to have a family, I want to have kids, I want to do a lot of things that I don’t know if I’m going to make to do that but that’s my goal from my future and I really don’t want my future to be the same as my present it’s not bad but I want it good life a better life.

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