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The creation of my wings and my dreams

By Victoria Huerta  |   From : Mexico  |   School : Glades Central High School (FL)

Hello, ladies and gentlemen, I have the honor to introduce myself. My name is Victoria Huerta. I was born in Mexico. I am really excited to tell you my story. Today I want to talk a little about me. As I told you, I was not born here in the United States. For the long time after I came here I still remembered my place of birth.  There I learned several things. I learned some children from the time they are 7 years old work to survive — some for different reasons such as their parents abandoned them or maybe they suffered different types of violence. This led me to the conclusion that I should be kinder to people, because we do not know the experience of each person. Hopefully all people will be good, and we will help to help all those in need, not only children but also young adults and people of different ages. For this reason I will finish my high school and I would like to continue helping by becoming a nurse.


Now allow me to present some reasons why I am proud of my culture. Some people are ashamed of where they came from, but my situation is not the same.  I want to tell you that I have learned that everything depends on you to grow and fall. The experiences I had left me a lot to learn.  What I learned is that my ancestors tried hard to build beautiful architecture as well as pyramids, cathedrals, and calendars.  They did this without much knowledge.  I give thanks to their efforts. Thinking of them, I could defend that people can achieve many things that are necessary; persistence means a lot. I remember that a very important person I admire told me that a professional is not only intelligent it is also someone who tries day to day to learn from ​​every step of your effort. I would consider myself a person who does not know how to describe herself, because no one can see from the outside someone else’s interior.  I your eyes, you are perfect, but for others you have several shortcomings. I also learned that so many people strive everyday to have food that people; they could have more opportunities. Hopefully one day I can return and help support them and see my home more developed and with new expectations of life. When I got here I remember having many dream. I know that I am still afraid to open my wings, but that I have become my old self. My life has started here, and I have to learn and dare to achieve my dreams. I want to fulfill my goals and know the reason for things. I am grateful to all those people who have supported me and those who have believed in me. I still think that I want to help and show that if you are learning to speak and create your own wings it is the best because you are the creator of your dreams.


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