The crossing: From Algeria to France

By Manuela  |   From : Béziers  |   School : Lycée Jean Moulin

My grandmother is an immigrant. She was born in Algeria ( French side) in 1948. She has 2 sisters and 1 brother. The country was fine until the war came. It began in 1962. My grandmother was just 14 years old. She and her family had to leave the city very quickly. There are hard shots, bombs… To leave Algeria, her family took a boat that left for Marseille. She and her brother and sisters, were afraid, terrified. It was on June 24 of 1962, that they arrived in Marseille. This date was a traditional party for the French. They would sit around a fire, and make noise. But the mother of my grandmother, believed that is was also the war here, with bombs… So she told them to go hide in the ambulance truck and bend. The driver explained what was going to happen, and not to worry. After, my grandmother went to Beziers to make a life. She was very afraid, she didn’t realize what happened to her.

Algeria became muslim after the war.


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