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I was crying when I saw my father after such a long time.

By Buddini Samuddrika  |   From : Staten Island, NY  |   School : Susan Wagner High School

I am an immigrant to USA from an Island which is known as the pearl of the Indian ocean. My name is Buddini Samuddrika arrival was about two weeks ago; Now I am sixteen years old. I was born in Sri Lanka and I was disciplined in Sri Lanka. I have my father, mother, brother and sister including me in my family. I too have my relations, neighbors and also my friends in Sri Lanka so I like to stay mostly in Sri Lanka.

In Sri Lanka, my home town was Kandana where I stayed at since my birth but after when my school time arrives I went to an International School which is situated in Negombo area which is a main town named Negombo South International School. therefore, we shift our house from Kandana to Negombo for rent by selling our own house. When I’m there I did well in my schooling at the moment my father has made document for arrivals to USA.

After four years from the arrival of my father to USA we were called by the embassy of USA in Sri Lanka next I was excited to arrive Sri Lanka.But on the other hand I was so sorry to lose my relations and lovely friends. But nothing to do I should to come with my family members then the time went.

On one fine day, my father booked tickets and it was on Thursday father call up me and said with full of fun that tickets are booked and we must arrive on the coming Wednesday. I was shocked and we must recollect and pack everything that are needed for us and my father’s belongings too. We all started packing and going to my relation house too By Sunday evening we finished everything   but not the packing. On Monday, we did the packing and Tuesday we waited relax to take our stress. Meanwhile we finished all other stuff and tomorrow evening is the wonderful day as we are to departure from srilanka.


At about 2 o’clock in the night. I and my family went inside the Airport door my relation went and they were very sad because we are leaving them, and my mother was in sad mood. I was thinking abouth all my relations, neighbors and my friends. And after about two hours we get into the flight and I was excited, because it was my first immigration to a country. And I was amazed and little bit was a flight of Qatar airways. We got the transit to Doha and after about three hours we reach Doha and we stayed           at the airport for about half an hour and we get into another flight which is also Qatar airways and we came for about seven hours and it was a nice journey. Throughout the journey, I was watching the was amazed and wonderful event to me.

On Thursday morning at about 08.25 we reached our destination. It was the JFK airport in New York and for about half an hour they didn’t let us go because we were new to the country and after searching everything they let us to go away and it was me who was first to get out of the airport. Oh, it was unforgettable incident that I saw my father after four years. I was crying when I saw my father after all such a time.

So, this was my story of immigration to USA from srilanka. Though I was here I will never ever forget my traditions, national anthem, the emblem and my neighbors as well

Thank you for spending the time for reading my wonderful story of immigration. I think you got something to know about my life story.

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