By Michael  |   From : New York, NY  |   School : Louis Armstrong Middle School

Before the story starts I would like to talk about my dad and his home country. My dad is a funny guy that is really good with wood, in other words he is a carpenter with a sense of humor. He is very nice to people. He even got me a TV in my room, how awesome is that?                    My family is mostly Polish so let’s talk about that. Poland is a country that is mostly farm land. Even though Poland isn’t a major country there is a polish parade, polish dishes, and many polish delis that exist in the U.S.A. Now let’s get on the topic of immigration, shall we?


This is my dad’s immigration story. His name is Miroslaw Ladzinski. I interviewed my dad about his immigration to New York. I wrote my story about the interview as if my dad was telling it himself. This is how I believe he would say his story because I know him so well.

It was the year 1987. It was a nice hot summer. My family and I had to leave Poland because Poland was under communist regime. Even though we had to leave we had to move to the U.S.A. the last thing I remembered after leaving Poland was my beloved grandmother. I went with my mom and my younger sister. My sister’s name is Anna and my mother’s was Teresa. Before leaving my family that stayed said that there very sad that I have to leave. I left behind most of my family, friends, and cousins in Poland. I was very depressed but exited to go to the United States. In the U.S.A my dad lived so we went there to rejoin him.

We arrived in 1987. It was the end of summer but the weather was warm and sunny. At that time Ronald Regan was president. I moved around but just to meet other families in New York. The first person I met was my grandmother on my father side. I also met my father side family that I never met before. There was no old friends in the United States though. I had to go to school because I was a kid. New York had some delicious food like burgers, fries, and pizza. I didn’t remember any strange things in my past. New York was far cooler than Poland. I was able to get toys like being able to get Lego blocks. The most favorite part of going to New York is reuniting with my daddy. The biggest fear for me is to learn and understand English language. The number one reason of coming to America is for a better life.

I think that I have learned that support of the family is the most important no matter where you live. I felt connected to my culture by watching the annual polish parades that happen on the first Sunday of October and eating polish dishes made my mother. My family’s immigration is because of politics, friends, and American dreams. My family wanted to live in a free country where everyone had equal opportunities to succeed, unlike in Poland when it was under the communism laws. The country was America. I think my family achieved the goal. We are living in the great country that grants freedom to its citizens.

That is my dad`s immigration story. Thank you for reading c: .

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