Dear Daddy, I moved to the United States but my heart stayed with you.

By Danialie Ramos  |   From : Lawrence, MA  |   School : Lawrence High School

My beginning in the US

Dear Daddy,

You knew that I moved to the United States but my heart stayed with you. I want you to read my story because I think you would feel like I felt those first days in the United States. Everyday I called you I tell you how much I love you and how much I miss you. So now you are going to read how was my immigration story. When I came to US my body was in Waltham,Ma that place wasn’t bad but the people in there bullied me,For example they called me names that are not good and it makes me feel exclusive and my self esteem goes down and also I really don’t like the school because of them.When they start bullied me I just cry and cry and just thinking and how I can go to Puerto Rico and hug you like I never did before and stay with you there.

Your daughter

When I started school

Dear Dad, 1/15/15

When those months in that school, well the bullying never stop but I began living like a normal person and nothing stop me from that moment. Mami told me that report them to the office with the principal but I was afraid so I never did that. You know what was hobbie? Well my hobby was writing, so I wrote a lot when I thought about how cool is it if I never came to Us and you know what now I don’t want to go there just for fun and vacation and you know I love you so much but here in Us I can find my future. In my future I want to be a soldier and I want to be a soldier because I want to serve to my country and be an example for my kids in the future.That’s one of my goal, also I have another goal and is to be a teacher and I want to be a teacher because I want to teach english to kids like me and show to my teachers that I can do it and they were a good example for me.Papi you know when I say something I take that very serious.
Your daughter

How the things are going

Dear Dad, 6/14/15

Here I’m writing to you again. Dad I adapted so much to the United States and I don’t want to go anywhere else,Why? Because thinking about my immigration story and I don’t want to pass that situation again. I want to become independent and have my owns things. I want to have my owns things because I don’t want mami to care about me all life and paying my things so also I can help her with the money I get. I’m thinking more about me and not in what my mind told me to do. I think my immigration story wasn’t bad but it remind me all the bad things I past but I retract myself and I didn’t papi, now I’m a wonderful student. Those bad things I past like the bullying and discrimination because of my nationality does not mean that I’m going to crash under pressure and I’m going to have bad grades. I’m the wonderful student I always wish because I really push myself on what it really make me a good student and not a bad student.

Again your daughter

My teachers talk really good about me

Dear Dad, 8/23/15

Papi I need to tell you that the teachers always talk really good about me. The teachers always teach me good things and how I can improve things that are not correct and it makes me feel good to come to school and show more about who I really am and what good thing I can do. I like when they talk about me like that. I’m so proud of me and I know that you do now. You also know that in PR I didn’t have good grades and the teachers never told me good things. Papi there are a lot of things I want to tell you but because there are a lot of things that’s why I can’t wait to be with you and tell you How I feel right now papi.If I saw you now, I would kiss and hug you like I never did before I got here. I miss you a lot and hope you read this and can feel how I did at the beginning.
Papi again me

El sazon boricua

Dear Dad, 1/5/16

Papi now I’m writing to you because I want you to know that I miss your food and also the “Sazon boricua” you know is unique. The sazon boricua is the lovely food I never eat in my life and you know “arroz con habichuelas y chuletas is my favorite. The food in Us is not bad but not the same and I think we have to involve the americans to try the sazon boricua because the would love it. Just to think about abuela’s food make me be hungry. Love you dad and hope you read this letter.

Well, me again

How I feel about mami and you?

Dear dad, 2/4/16

Now I write to you how I feel with you there and mami here in Us. Papi that’s no fun for me, you know you guys broke my heart but I know you guys are better like that. With other partners and it does not make me feel good but is your life not mine. She has another husband and you also have a wife that I love so much. You know I want you guys together but it past like 10 years ago of your separation and I can’t do nothing. Well papi this is not the last letter I’m going to write you but it will past a long time to see you again so I’ll write you more letters. I love you so much and I can’t wait for that moment with you.

Until next time daddy

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