Dear grandmother: Maria Ramos

By Julisa Ramos  |   From : Honduras  |   School : Bloomfield High School

It’s wonderful to be with you.
I’ve seen you laugh out loud,
I’ve heard you speak with 
nostalgia about your 
memories of yesterday; 
you always liked to go 
to the parties and  
when the boys looked at you 
they shouted.  
“You, the short haired girl, come!” 


your memories are very beautiful because you count them with your heart


You also scolded me because 
 You don’t like me to be with bad 
Girls.  Cigarettes, beer, drugs.
but you did not waste time 
congratulating me
85s in math  or kindness


in my life I counted on you
With the great presence of the strongest.
and the most persevering woman
because you are a woman who never
Surrender against anyone and against.
all because I’ve seen it


as you fight for all of us you are my pride


Have I ever met?
alone but you are always there for me
all your grandchildren are very stubborn
but you always talk about your things
They are very interesting and cute


you’re sweet when it comes to protecting your family


I really know you but
I have never spoken to you
about my emotions or loves
I lost a lot of time because
always try to tell you there is something
that always presents itself but always
are you ready to listen
I always tell you how much I love you


I need to solve something with you
that’s why I’m sending you these lines of this poem
I know that none of your grandchildren have gone to market
to tell you how much they love you
in this way I write to you that I love you more than my life
you are the most special person on the planet


I do not know why we do not
we understand that we have to express all feelings
want is a beautiful word as well as your
but maybe it’s a little embarrassing,
Or maybe we take it for granted that you
He knows that we love you but life


always gives opportunities to be able to say it


 has taught me that we should
 not take anything for granted,
 so I take this opportunity to tell you
 how much we love you we
 are very proud to be part of this wonderful


she built a family with so much
Effort and sacrifice.
You are great at this time
I also have memories of when
I’ve seen you talking to mom one 
of those memories is when she was born


Both are the most precious gift
you and my mom That life has given me
I have learned as many things as when I was taught to walk to eat
They were always there when I could not do something
It’s hard for me to write, you’re my beautiful grandmother
that every day they drink coffee and tea


they always meet with my mom
while they talk about life,
about twists and turns
that gives so much gone
through many things throughout
of Life and never surrendered
achievement everything that was proposed


my grandmother and my mom
They are a model to follow:
hardworking, wise, honest,
sweet, beautiful, sincere
they are all wonderful things
of the world under a feisty woman


abuela’s smile is a beauty
It fills us with tenderness
the look that expresses
The most absolute understanding.
I love you very much my beautiful grandmother


 You’re a wonderful woman.
I’m very grateful to have you
in my life and in my family
I love you my beautiful chubby

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