I describe myself as a outgoing person

By Ismael Ursino   |   From : Cleveland  |   School : Facing History New Tech (Cleveland)

I describe myself as a outgoing person, who loves to do many performances and enjoys all sports. I want to be a person who accomplishes all their goals and wants to excel in at least one sport. My parents ,including my younger sister , consider me helpful, respectful, and loving. My teachers consider me a focused person and equally find me humorous. They are able to have faith and trust in me. But sometimes they do want me to talk less in class. My friends find me very caring, serious, but sometimes funny. I am like their go-to man who can offer variety of solutions to their situation even if it deals with family or school. I like to keep to myself most of the time, what i always tell myself is “Dont trust no one.” The reason i keep telling myself this is because i’ve been lied to plenty of times and others changed into a different person towards me. Especially if it’s someone you really care for.

Middle school was a difficult time for me, i was bullied throughout my middle school years until like the 7th grade. I would hate having to go to school knowing that hurtful, and disrespectful actions were going to occur. Kids would make fun of my weight and the way i looked, some kids would physically hurt me and would say “ let’s see if this fat pig can feel this.” I would sometimes lie and say i was sick to my parents so that i could stay home so that i can avoid those kids in school, but my mother wasn’t having that. I would come home with bruises and one day my mother asked why did i have marks on my arms and chest. I was hesitant at first but then i told her that these kids in school did it. This was the first times i’ve seen my mother filled with angry and nothing else. The first thing she said was “i’m heading to the school first thing tomorrow morning.” The next day came and i was nervous, we were on our way to school and had just arrived. My mother went marching into the office with determination on stopping what was happening i was told to wait outside of the principles office as my mother was in there arguing with the principle. When they finished my mother came out and said “ the principle said he will handle the situation. Then she had left, the principle sent me to class and said to not worry it’ll all change. Throughout the week the bullying isn’t stopping it was actually escalating many other students joined in on it. I was suffering even more than i could imagine and i was wishing this torture could end.

On the way home we drove by a field and my dad asked if i wanted to play on that football team, it took me a second to reply but i said i would actually really like to. He said “guess what,  signed you up to start today.” I didnt know a thing about football but i was so excited to start.


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