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we didn’t lose hope

By Randy  |   From : New York, NY  |   School : Louis Armstrong Middle School

My family is from Ecuador, but I live in the United States in New York City.

The Departure:

I interviewed my uncle, Milton Cabrera. He emigrated from Ecuador to the United States in 1992. When my uncle left Ecuador it was during the month of March which is warm in Ecuador and its cold in the United States. My uncle said that nothing was happening in Ecuador but he came to the United States for a better life and to get a job. The last person he remembers seeing was Grandma Rosa. He came to the United States with his friend Delia.

The last thing he remembers was his crush because he loved her very much and eating Crispy Chicken. He left behind his mother and his little sister and he was depressed because he was leaving his family behind. He left because he wanted a better future, to get a better job and opportunities.


The Arrival:

Uncle Milton arrived to the Unites states in May of 1992. It was the beginning of summer and it was very warm. In the United States, many things were going on like the President was Bill Clinton. He moved around in Queens and Brooklyn. The first person he met was the owner of his then and now job at the clothing factory. He met new people like family members like sisters, nephews, and brother in law. He felt proud to meet new members of his family. In his opinion, American food was delicious. He especially liked sandwiches and hotdogs. According to my uncle there was nothing going on when he arrived. He came with people immigrating from Mexico, Ecuador, Guatemala, and Honduras. When he arrived everything was different, but he didn’t lose hope. He was excited to beginning a new adventure in the United States with family.

Visiting Ecuador:

Visiting Ecuador was amazing because I got to learn a lot about my family’s culture like food, dancing, music, and weather. I got to go to a huge mountain called the Virgin of Nuve. I sang the national anthem of Ecuador. The food is delicious like rice and pork. I played soccer with my cousins. In the flag, the yellow is the sun and blue is the water and red is the blood of people and soldiers. I like stray dogs in the street. Beaches are beautiful in Quito the capital. The weather is not hot or cold. I like living in the United States, but my whole family missed Ecuador.


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