By Desiree  |   From : Pacoima  |   School : Social Justice Humanitas Academy

Hey my name is Desiree Bello and life is not easy, if you did not already know. My life has ups and downs with many people, especially with my parents. Once upon a time, some time around September or October when i was 14 years old in my mother’s pearly white car, after school on our way home my from a tiring day at high school. Mom had told my brother and I, that my cousin was going to have a quinceanera in January and she wanted us to be in it. I did not respond, but Joseph said “Okay”. I did not want to be in a quince. If I do not like parties in general, then why would I want to be in a quinceanera? Then another time she brought it up again in the car. I was in the back seat of the vehicle .But what was different about this time was I told her “I don’t want to be in it,” she got so mad at me for saying that, she retorted with “Don’t you care for her, she is asking you to be in her quince, so YOU ARE going to be it no matter what. Okay?! Do you understand me young lady?!” I quietly respond with an “Yes mom.” I hate being yelled at and even worse, I absolutely despise when people tell me what to do. I did not want to make my mother more irritated so I just keep quiet the whole car ride home. The tension was so thick, full of awkwardness and anger radiating from my mother only. 

After that day, It was the first day of quince practice, on a Friday around 5:30 we started driving to my cousin’s house where the practice will be held at. I was wearing black leggings a purple t-shirt and a grey, plain,over sized sweater. There was light wind, with a cloudless sky right above. The sun razing on the speeding car,it was a seemingly chilly day. I was listening to blasting music, blocking any other sound to ignore everyone, mainly my mother. It did not take long to get there, about a 10-15 minute drive. We drove in front of a not so aesthetically pleasing looking home. It was a one story, green and small looking house. I just sat in the car, while my mother and brother got out. I am a stubborn kid, and If I do not want to do something that is ABSOLUTELY mandatory, then I probably would not do it. Unless I like It, then of course I would cooperate.

I did not get out until my mother yelled at me too and threatened to call my dad. When we walked to the small sized backyard and everyone that was there was saying hello to us and hugging. I just did a small wave or gave a small smile, no physical contact. The atmosphere for a second was so tense, kinda felt bad but i was forced to come so, oh well. And it is not that I do not love them or anything like that, It is just that I am not close to my mom’s side of the family. So I am not very comfortable dancing with them or strangers, that are her friends. I just walked past everyone and sat down in a chair next to another available chair, where my mother had sat on shortly after I had done. All of this time I was just listening to music, once again ignoring everyone. Many stretched minutes later, it was time for the practice to officially start. All the kids obeying the instructions being told told by the main instructor. The kids standing in a straight line waiting for me to join them, but it never did happen. I was stubbornly sitting in the white and cheap looking party type chair.

My mother whispered harshly in my ear “Go they are waiting for you, stop acting like this,” but as expected I did not. So, she told them they can go can and I will join later. I tried my best to explain to her that I did not want to do this and that she had told me some time ago that “Your father and I do not force you to do anything that you do not want to do.” But she did not care what I was telling her. So she went to her last option, my dad. She grabbed her phone and dialed my dad’s phone number. I was freaking out so badly, I felt like crying. Actually i was about to cry. Tears were on the brim of my water line, threatening to fall out at any moment. My mom was explaining to my dad what was happening, all of a sudden she handed me the phone. I just stared at the phone for a few seconds, thinking of all the possibilities that could happen once I put the phone to my ear.   

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