Discrimination and Racism that Immigrants Face

By Katy R.  |   From : Upper Marlboro, MD  |   School : International High School at LArgo

First of all, my name is Katy, I am from Nicaragua, I am an immigrant.

I came to the United States in November 2016. Since I came here I went through so many racist situations. The person in my story is my brother. The main problem in my story is discrimination and racism that immigrants face. In my story I’m going to talk about discrimination that all immigrants go through, me and my brother have been in many racist moments.

The first racist moment for all immigrants was when the President call immigrants animals, criminals and aliens. Firstly, President Trump won the US elections, and since President Trump won the election everything change in immigrant’s life because he hates immigrants, that made me feel mad because he is so ignorant. Second, President Trump call us animals, criminals and aliens because he said the we came to this country just to be criminals and that is not true because we came to have a better future. Third, President Trump wants to deport all immigrants because he doesn’t want people from other countries in the United States. In conclusion, president Trump is being racist with immigrants by calling us animals and criminals. 

The second racist moment that I experience was that a teacher was being racist with me.

Firstly, the teacher said “You can’t speak spanish, when you entered this country you don’t have to speak spanish anymore” that made me feel really mad because she was being ignorant.

Next, the teacher was almost fired from her work.

The principle call one by one and ask, “Is the teacher racist with you?”

Most of the students said no, however, the immigrant students said yes. The teacher was not fired from her work but in my opinion she had to be fired from her work because what she said was racist. Lastly, All immigrants student’s parents went to the office and ask why they didn’t fire the teacher if she was being racist but they said that they couldn’t because most of the students said the she was not racist. In conclusion, the teacher was racist with us however she was not fired from her work. 

The third moment that my brother experience was that my brother had problems with guys at school. Initially, my Brother was in the car and 4 black guys assaulted my brother. He was in his car and 4 black guys from his school beat my brother. He was also robbed, my brother said that they were jealous of him because he had a car and he use to dress fancy and it made me feel angry because they beat my brother just because they were jealous. Next, he went to the police station and he could hardly walk and they helped him. They send my brother to the hospital, and we went to visit him. It made me feel really sad because I love my brother, and seeing him beaten destroyed my heart. Ultimately, he had to move to another school and some of the black guys were arrested. He moved to another school but now everything got better.

In conclusion, me and my brother move to another school and everything got better for him. I came to IHSLA and everything got better because I learned more english, and I made friends from different places. They all helped me a lot with my english, now I know how to defend myself.

Immigrants face discrimination everyday.  Me and my brother have had many moments of racism.

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