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By Darianna Blanco  |   From : Caracas, Venezuela  |   School : Everglades High School


I am from “todo fino mi pana?”
I am from the hallacas and pabellón criollo
From the capital of Venezuela ”La ciudad candela, Caracas”
I am from when you wake up in the morning and you have for breakfast “arepas”
I am from all the members of my family enjoy the “sanchoco” of my grandma
I am from where the people leave the house and grandma says “Dios me lo bendiga mijo”
I am from eat fish in Semana Santa, go to the church every Sunday and go to the Margarita island each year and visit “La virgen Del Valle”
From Blanco-Rodriguez and Canchica-Moret
From the weather are warm
I am from all the members are together despite the distance


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