Down The Wrong Path, Without a Mask

By Jorge Urena  |   From : Costa Rica  |   School : Bloomfield High School

I’m from COVID-19 

Where you need a mask to breathe 

And people refuse to use it

where the disease started in December

 but they didn’t believe it was real until February.


I’m from quarantine 

Where your classmates are not with you

And you can’t see your friends

and the only thing you need to go to school

 is Wifi.


I’m from laziness

where can you do school from your bed

and all your homework is left for tomorrow

over and over again


I’m from George Floyd

And I can’t breathe

Where people are tired of racism

Race divides us more than 6 feet


I’m from mistrust and fear

For the vaccine that could save us 

and for the presidential election


I’m from a president who did not believe

who let 400k people die

 to believe it was true 


I’m from “fake science” 

where the leader leads them 

down the wrong path

and it’s okay not to wear a mask


I am from a more united world

I am from virtual school

I am from disobey

I am from Covid-19

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