Dreams do come true

By Ricardo Fernandez  |   From : Venezuela  |   School : Everglades High School

I was born in Maracaibo, Venezuela 18 years ago. Ever since I was a kid I wanted to live in America, I did not know why but I felt connected to this country. Like many of you know, Venezuela is going through tough times and so my family and I went through pretty difficult times. One year before coming to America my mom was assaulted four times and my cousin got killed in the streets while he was riding his bike. Months later my Dad told us that he got a job offer here in America, I remember that day like it was yesterday, we were all  so excited, I couldn’t believe my dream was about to become a reality, and so we proceeded to do all the paper work. We had to say good bye to our friends and family, it really was tough but it was something we had to do because it was the best for us.


Two months passed by and me and my family were enjoying our first day living in America. Two weeks after my sister and I started High school here in America, I was so excited but I forgot one little thing, I did not speak English. The first couple of months living here were rough for me, I did not understand what my teachers were saying, I could not communicate with my classmates, people made fun of me because of my accent, it was hard. But I did not pay attention to those things and so I pushed myself to my very limit and learned how to speak English in just 5 months.


One thing was out of my way, the language barrier but while I was learning English my grades were bad, because I could not understand what my teachers were teaching me. I was in tough spot, my grades were bad and I did not know if I was going to graduate. But again, I did not stop there, I kept moving forward and so here I am, a senior in high school with excellent grades taking AP/Honors courses and have Been awarded multiple times. Right now I see myself as a very capable person, as a person that works hard, a person that loves helping people and that loves learning. Like in the past I am  still pushing myself, I keep moving forward and so now I am learning a third language, one of the most difficult languages to speak, yes I am learning Japanese. In the future I see myself as a leader that will help people and that will change the society, a person that will make the world a better place. This is my story.

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