From : Haiti  |   School : BiNCA

In Haiti I was a musician playing drums in church for the choir. A lot of people went to my church. The church had a six piece drum set that I used. I liked to play. Some people applauded me so I felt proud of my skills. I didn’t stay much longer in that church because I was about to leave for America. My country did not have as many opportunities so I was excited to come. My grandparents were living in Boston so I wanted to see them too.

I moved to the USA so I don’t go to church anymore. I went to church once but I didn’t feel comfortable. I was new and there were only 3-4 people there because people work here more than in Haiti. I also do not play drums anymore because I don’t have my own set. If I got the chance I would still play the drums, and if they paid me too and invited me. Drumming was just a hobby of mine that I left behind. I replaced my hobby of drumming with listening to EDM, Techno, Electronic, Psytrance music and watching anime. I also feel proud of my new skill, driving. 

I came to the USA when I was 14 years old on February 10, 2018 by myself but my dad and sisters was waiting for me outside the airport.                                 

My mom wasn’t there because she was in Haiti. When I got out of the airport I smelled fresh air because it was cold. When I got outside Boston I heard people speaking English. I was feeling nervous and new. I started going to school at, BINcA where I learned English but most of my learning was from watching TV or listening to my sister. I played car racing video games a lot because it was fun.

In the USA I was scared to go out a lot or alone because I didn’t know much English. Just like in Haiti, I found that it’s hard to find a job here but now that I have a job I have to go out and interact with people, my English is likely better. I became a Uber delivery driver. 

I like doing delivery because when I’m doing delivery I don’t feel bored because I listen to music. Sometimes I feel a little bit tired. When I’m doing delivery I find new places with interesting architecture that I would not see in Haiti. I don’t have my drums anymore but I have a new skill that makes me feel proud, that is driving my car.

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