Everyday, I am grateful to be here

By Moises  |   From : Cuba  |   School : Lake Worth High School

Hi my name is Moises.  I am 14 years old and I am from Cuba. I have been in the United States for 7 months.  My parents, my sister, and I departed our homeland in an airplane on April 22, 2017 and arrived in this land of freedom looking for opportunities to grow and succeed. We wanted to emigrate to have a better future and to be with other members of our family.  Here in the United States, my family is small because the majority of my family lives in Cuba. For now, we live in a rented house to save money in order to buy a beautiful house and to live happily and in harmony. I have been in school since August, and so far everything is going well. I have no problem with anything, just with English; but I know I will catch on quickly.  I like to make friends, so I have many friends at Lake Worth High School. I like to study, and I want to be a pediatrician when I grow up. I feel very happy in school; everybody motivates me to go on everyday. In Cuba, we did not have the same opportunities, and they did not motivate us at all. The classes that I have taken so far have been easily understood because the teachers explain well and repeat the material until one can understand the information.

I remember my country with great nostalgia.  When I close my eyes I see my friends saying goodbye and my family crying for me because I was moving to the United States.  I remember Cuba’s National Anthem and I will always keep in mind the anthem of my beautiful country. I also remember the flavor of rice and beans, yuca with mojo, and roasted pig.  The happiest memory from my country is the love that my family feels for me, in contrary, the saddest moment is leaving my friends behind. The journey to America was an adventure. It was our first time in an airplane, so we were scared.  Our biggest fear was to get sick, but our hope was greater than anything. When we arrived, it was our happiest moment in this country. I saw with my own eyes great wonders. At the beginning, it was difficult to adapt to a new environment with other rules. I felt different from everyone, I thought I was not going to find friends, and I was nervous.  But I was wrong, now, I have many friends that speak Spanish like me.

I want to be myself, I don’t want to change.  I want to be that teenager who arrived in the USA thinking about a new future in order to achieve his goals.  Concerning friends, I can say that sometimes a friend is someone very difficult to get, but even if you do not believe it could be possible, there is someone who will always be there for you. These reasons and the eager to go ahead with my family are the ones that help me continue in this country with great desire.  Everyday, I am grateful to be here making every effort to achieve my goals.


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