!!Expectation!! versus Reality

By Eliza Catalino  |   From : Lawrence, MA  |   School : Lawrence High School

!!Expectation!! Vs Reality

1. The bus will look for me in the door of my house – Vs – I have to walk to take the bus on time.

2. I will come with clothes in the school – Vs – I have a uniform! and i cannot use clothes.

3. Everybody was blonde!!! So illogical!! – Vs – For each 100 of people there is ONE blonde!!!

4. Everybody was American – Vs – NOT everybody is American.

5. All the street were full of light – Vs – That not true enough!!.

6. !this is High School musical!!! – Vs – This is not High School musical!!!.

7. Yellow taxis in all the street – Vs – That not true i don’t like it.

8. The food will be delicious – Vs – The food is fast food and not good.

9. I will live in a really big house – Vs – I have to share my room with my sister.

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