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They explode our house, so we leave.

By Rabab  |   From : Winter Springs, FL  |   School : Winter Springs HS

I’m from Iraq.  We leave Iraq because my brother, he works with American army
so the Iraqi army they try to hurt us. They explode our house and we are
inside of it but nothing happened for us. So we leave.  We go to
Syria. We stay there for 6 month and then we go to Saudi Arabia and then
we apply for migration. They approved us after 8 years then we come to
America, me and my mom and my brother.  We don’t speak English. My brother
he knows little bit but me: noooo.  I don’t know what “yes” or “no” means. I
went to middle school 8 grad, it was so hard for me. I don’t speak anything
and I don’t know anyone. Nobody speaks Arabic. I feel so alone.  The
class was all Spanish people.  They hurt me a lot ‘cuz of my religion and I
don’t know anything.  I try so hard to learn and I learn little bit. Then
I try to learn Spanish too so I can reply to them if they try to hurt me.
I’m done with middle schoo.l I go to high school. I feel alone too. I
find some good girls, they are Spanish but they don’t care about my religion
or anything. We become best friends and my brother he gets work in another
place, so I have to change school. I went to Winter Spring High School.
I find good teacher and friends.  Now I’m so strong. I want to study so
hard and go to college and get great job.

That is my story.


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