My father still enjoys his life in America.

By Sonali  |   From : New York, NY  |   School : Louis Armstrong Middle School

My father Ashok Suvasia was 25 years old when he arrived in New York City in 1995. It was a beautiful spring day, warm and sunny. It was pretty different from India, which around this time of the year , it is very hot and humid. He was wearing a shirt, light blue jacket and jeans. He was carrying a small suitcase . He had a few clothes and gifts for his wife. He came to New York City to join his wife. My father was sad, he left his parents, his brothers and sisters back in India. The night before he left the whole family they got together and gave him a farewell party. Everyone cooked all his favorite Indian food that . It was an unforgettable moment. Next day all of his friends and family came to the airport to wish my father a good luck on his trip to a new country. It was long trip on the plane. As  the plane was getting closer to New York, he was getting excited to see his wife. When he arrived, his wife and father-in-law were waiting for him at the airport. They took him home, and a lot of old friends and new people were waiting ther e to meet him. They all had a big dinner with American food. My father was very excited to taste the food. At first, everything was so different but he adjusted to his new life. He learned that America is the best country in the world. Now after 20 years he still enjoys his life here in America. Going to parades,eating ethnic food, and celebrating cultural festivals with his wife and three daughters  are just a few things he enjoys doing in America.

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