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February 10

By Lourdes Pineda  |   From : San Fernando, California  |   School : Social Justice Humanitas Academy


I was 10 years old when I found out that my life was completely going to change. I really did not know what to feel at that time, it felt happy because I was going to come to new country that was going to give me the opportunity to be someone in life, yet at the same time I felt sad, angry I  felt like a traitor because I was going to leave my country that gave me love and that watched me grow.

February 10, 2015 is a date that has so much meaning. I remember waking up early in the  morning. The sun was not out everything was dark, but I enjoyed the peaceful cold morning. I remember seeing my mother getting ready and my sister helping me. She was not herself but I guess she didn’t want other to see, but I did. My nieces where sleeping in the couch, they looked so squishy  and peaceful I wanted to go back to sleep with them but I couldn’t this was not just a normal day but I did not realized it, not yet. At 5:00 am we started to bring the package to the car. On the way to the airport everybody was quiet, silence was the only thing that I could hear. I did not really care because  I was trying to distract myself with all the places that I saw, everything was green flowers here and there, trees , houses that looked old but so pretty to me.

In the airport I saw everybody smiling and saying goodbye to each other. I was there standing Without saying anything, I didn’t felt  like talking at at all. I heard a voice in the speaker informing us that we needed to start heading to our station. It was time to say goodbye, but I didn’t want to. I wanted to stay in my country I wanted to wake up from this horrible nightmare that was going to separate my family. I started to cry my heart out, I didn’t wanted to go there .


I ran to my sister and sobbed on her shoulder, I hugged her with all the strength that I had. I didn’t want to leave her alone, with my nieces. I hugged my nieces i didn’t want to let them go, They were basically my daughters I took care of them since  they were babies. After some minutes I had to let them go, I said one last goodbye and my mother brother and I started walking towards the entrance of the stations. I was sobbing even harder, I remember my mom telling me to stop crying. I couldn’t it was the same as someone telling me to stop breathing. I turned around and I saw my brother crying, It was the first time I saw him crying that didn’t help at all I starting cry even harder. 4 years have passed since this devastating moment, lots of things have happened since that day. It was not nice and it’s not how it looks in the movies, First I got to Los Angeles than I move to San Francisco I lived there for about 2 and half  years, I loved it I made my friends and I was happy. Than mother decided to move back to LA, which I hated the Idea I thought I was never going to stay in one place. Since I got to California I have moved houses 5 times. Currently I have only seeing my sister one time in 4 years and my grandmother died. Even though I hated the Idea to come here, I now know that things happened for a reason. I am thankful because I got the opportunity to come here and have a good future to be someone in life.



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