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By Yulila  |   School : Social Justice Humanitas Academy (San Fernando, CA)

As a child of an immigrant mother , I experienced my own hardships as her story made my own. My mother, came to the United States illegally , to give me the life she knew was nearly impossible to achieve in her hometown. She had to leave many people behind to make her own family in a country she grew intrigued by it’s signature – the American Dream. Within weeks of arriving to the United States by traveling through the desert with a womb that carried her child ( Me ) , she soon realized it was not the place she dreamt for months. She lived in the same poor conditions as she did in Mexico. To add on, the very few family she had in the states, were often too busy working to help her adjust to her new environment. Although it was difficult, this did not stop her from giving birth to her first child at the age of 20 in a new country. Months after her birth she had to return to work. Yet, no matter how tired she would be after a long day of work at a Motel 6 – miles away from the house we were staying at because we were homeless – she would still come to lay with me and sing her childhood song to insure that I knew she would always be there for me.


As I slept through those songs, I was left to believe that I was a burden to my mother at an early age.. Since I did not see her often and was frequently sent to my grandmother in Mexico. I was far too young to understand why all of this was occurring , so I eventually drifted apart from my mother. This soon became the biggest mistake that i regret up to this date since it led me to a path that I wish of never taking.


  • Mother migrated to the united states
  • Excessively working , still made time to be with me
  • Did not acknowledge that , only the fact that i was sent frequently to mexico not knowing it was because she was in an abusive relationship
  • Became distant over time because i resented my mom for that
  • Later on , my mom became single with two children – working double the shifts
  • Became a second mother to my brother , even though it was just by a year – i looked out with for him
  • I had to mature very quickly
  • Started being bullied at 9 years old because of body shape
  • Didn’t open up to anybody about it because i wasn’t used to that

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