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My first day at the school was horrible

By Ivan  |   From : Belle Glade (Florida)  |   School : Glades Central High School

I was born in Guatemala City, but I lived for 12 years in a nearby city called Escuintla. I’m 17 years old.

When I was 13, my mom told me that we were going to move to another country to have better opportunities and a better life, because Guatemala was no longer a safe place for us live due to all the bad things that were happening there. We decided to move to the United States 3 months after my mom told me about it.

But before that, we did a lot of things in order to get our residence. We went to the doctor and we did a lot of different things. After that we were ready to move to the United States, and that’s when I started my journey.

October 20 was my last day in Guatemala. We left my house early in the morning like at 6 am. The airport is 45 minutes away from my house. The airplane left Guatemala at 12:45, and we arrived in Miami at 5:20.

My auntie was waiting for us at the airport, and we came to Belle Glade and started a new life in a new city.

My first day at the school was horrible, because I didn’t even know a word in English. It was a little hard for me to communicate with other people. It was so bad the first week that I told my mom that I was going to drop out of school, because it was going to be too hard. But with the time, I got used to it.

When we came, we were having fun with my cousins and, after 6 months, I was speaking English very well. Everything was going well until my mom had an accident and she broke her foot. My brother and I took care of her, cleaned the house and attended school.

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