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My first holiday in The United States

By Lisbeth Lima  |   From : Merriam, KS  |   School : Shawnee Mission North High School

My name is Elia Lima. I was born in The  United States, but I had to go back to Guatemala with my mom. I lived in Guatemala first holiday in The United States was 4th of July. For the independence was curious because they celebrate different than my country. Americans  celebrate independence with fireworks, and smelled  wear clothes of The United States flag or colors. Guatemalans celebrate Independence Day for two days with dancing, and having fun. but now I’m kind of accustomed to some activities of The United States. One of the activities that we do is Valentine’s day. In my country all our friends have a big celebration and give presents each other. In the United States it is custom to attend a WPA, which is a celebration that in all school did for Valentine’s Day. The first time that I was in a holiday In the United States and I felt  so excited to have my first party in another country. April Fools Day is a fun day, but one day was April Fools Day and I was at school. One girl told me that I have something in my dress, and I felt so frightened. Then she said to me April fools day, and I didn’t knew that Americans celebrate that day. That was new for me, but is enjoyable. Mother’s Day was a difficult day because I wanted to celebrate that day with my mom, but we’re in different country.           

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