For a brother

By Luciana  |   From : Venezuela  |   School : Everglades High School

My name is Luciana M. Aizpurua, I am a junior from Everglades High School, I’m from Maracaibo, Venezuela, I came to U.S.A when I was 9 almost 10 years old, and my brother was 8 almost 9, my mom usually uses my age to say how many years we have been here. When my brother and I were young, my brother was diagnosed with autism and I was diagnosed with asthma, he since always had too much energy and likes to run, play, hike, etc. While every time I start to run, I run out of air, we somehow make it work for us to play together, we were the smallest children on my mother’s side of the family, which we used to visit almost every day, and in my dad’s side we only have one small cousin, but he was too small for us to play with him like we play with each other. We only have a gap age of 1 year, so we have always been close, for his autism many people consider him weird, and in Venezuela, my parents couldn’t find a school or program that could help him with his education, he couldn’t study on a school for at least 3 years, none accept him, my parents considering his situation and the situation of our country, decide that the best option was leave, they didn’t tell us that we wouldn’t come back to Venezuela, they tell us that we were coming as Christmas vacations, maybe because they knew that we being so young wouldn’t want to leave, I still missing my great-grandmother, she was nice. Here my brother got the help that he needed, he was able of study, and go to a school as is normal, neither of us knew English but between us, we tried to understand, it such a shame that we only see each other in the same school for 1 year. But he is getting the help that he needs and I’m happy that he can study and have school friends, we are still close, life has been peaceful, I haven’t had any asthma attack for at least 5 years, there’s not much thing to mention, there are still many things that maybe we both should change but I think that slowly we have adapted to living here.

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