I found the key to success

By Yahiya  |   From : Staten Island, NY  |   School : Port Richmond High School

I am Yahiya – I don’t know if i am the same Yahiya than when I first came to the United States – I don’t think I am –  The new Yahiya is stronger and more hard.  I have been changed so much.  Even my name got changed and it’s so hard to change what you used to do for such a long time.

I faced so many fears since I came here. The biggest one was the language. At first, I couldn’t participate in the class.  Even if I understood what they were talking about I couldn’t speak one full sentence.  It was so hard at the beginning — Then Yahiya stood up and started to fight his fears, then after a short period of time I gave my first speech on a stage. My participation grade boosted up to 95  — In my mind, I said: “yes, I found the key to success and I just had  to try” .

Since immigrating to the US, I have learned many things. First: Everything is possible with determination and hard work.  Second: You can’t never ever judge people.

When I think about my new life, I see a warrior who killed everyone who’s been standing in his way. I will do that. I will move anything that stands between me and my future. I will keep on climbing. One day, Yahia will be what he wants to be.

In this experience, I have learned about myself. I am strong and smart and I have unlimited power. I can do whatever I want. Each one of us is a hero. But we have to wake the hero up. It’s not hard. You just have to try.

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