Franklin’s Story(map)

By Franklin V.  |   From : Guatemala  |   School : School of Business & Toursim (LA)

I was born in Malacatán, San Marcos, Guatemala, in the house of my paternal grandparents. My grandmother`s name is Marina Chun and my grandfather`s name is Cesar Vasquez more known as Nasario or Cesario. My grandfather worked in construction and my grandmother liked to cook chipilin tamalitos . I slept in my grandparent’s room. I slept alone in my bed between my grandparent’s bed.

There were many trees and a stream near my house. The trees bore fruit such as lemons, oranges, mangos, coconut, and tangerines. I liked to work in the garden and plant fruit and vegetables. In the place where I lived, I planted cane, salt leaves, pea beans, and also a guanabana tree. I liked to keep my plants clean and always poured water after arriving from school.

My school was Escuela Rural Caserio a mixed school in Malacatán San Marcos. I had two best friends one was called Junior and Dallal. We played soccer and marbles and did homework together after school. We met at school and we were always together.

 After playing with my friends I went home or to swim in the river. In the river, there were a lot of fish but little fish, it also had rocks and some trees in the river. I loved to jump from a little ravine into the cool water on hot days. I liked living there because there was a lot of nature.

On holiday I went fishing with my uncle on a river called Petacalapa. We went fishing far away and brought different types of fish such as mojarra, sardine, and trout. Sometimes we would hunt with my uncle on the river. There were trees on the riverside and many waterfalls. When we went hunting we sometimes caught birds or iguanas. Sometimes we went night hunting for nocturnal animals like tlacuache, armadillo, tusas, or tacuazin. The animal that we found most was the opossum.

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