From Heaven to Earth

By Sara Castiblanco   |   From : Colombia  |   School : Bloomfield High School



Tired and bored by a daily routine, 

I moved back to Colombia.

It had been 5 years since 

I traveled to my country.

I had the opportunity to share time

with some relatives and I felt grateful 

To have the opportunity to see them  

but what I could not understand was 

how suddenly, in the blink of an eye, 

some news that originated in China

about an unrecognized disease and  

an epidemic 

had started. 

In less than a month 

there was already a red alert.


This epidemic began to spread 

through Europe and then to the U.S 

and in less than three months 

it reached Colombia. 

All the media gave different versions 

of what was going on 

and that is why I thought 

it was nothing serious. 


Then the schools closed immediately, 

we began the quarantine and that is why 

I began to receive virtual classes.

my brother also began to study and 

work from home

I thought that it would be for a short time.


My life changed from heaven to earth 

and a year has passed and 

I continue like that first day 

waiting for them to say 

that all this is over and 

that we’re back to our old lives.


I miss breathing fresh air,

going out without censorship, 

or maintaining social distance, 

not being able to hug and 

approach the people I love.


I miss communication, 

Hanging out  and

Leaving home. 


This pandemic is devastating.

It came at a bad time. 

In Colombia, I already had plans, 

I was planning to go out, 

to see some people, 

do things that I couldn’t do as a child, 

enjoy every second there and 

relive old moments. 

I really wanted to be in Colombia, so that
I could hang out with my old friends from school, 

share moments and wear a uniform. 


What we plan 

is not always going 

to turn out as we thought.


My stay in Colombia 

was to be in quarantine. 

Now I just want to be free of protection protocol, 

I feel that affection has gone, 

that we live trying to do what we can 

and that life has stopped.

The moments that I’ve been able to live or share have stopped; 

the joy of expectation stopped 

all those things that I always wanted to do.


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