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My goal in the US is to learn the people.

By Shahed  |   From : Staten Island, NY  |   School : Port Richmond High School

I am at the airport in America. My family am waiting for us and I am so happy. I hug my grand father, grand mother, my uncles and my cousin. I enter my grand father’s car and we start talking about the people in my country. Then I see the people in America. I see what they wear and how they walk.

My mom was with me at all time and she helped me with everything. I was so scared. How was I going to learn that new language? My goal in the US is to be a doctor and to learn the language and to learn the people.

One thing I want people to know about my life in America is that I am not afraid of making mistake or to speak because I just started a couple of months ago and I have confidence in myself.

The first week I came to the high School, I felt so bad because I see different people, I see different culture.

Something that was so easy to me is that I have all my family and they can help me in my study/ I also have a teacher in the school who speaks my language. I want to thanks my teacher: Mr EL Dabida.

Something that was so difficult to me is how I can’t communicate with the others people and how I can’t speak English.

At school, the teachers and students should understand the new student. First don’t judge the student if he’s doing something or saying something. Don’t make them uncomfortable. Second, The teachers should read about the student’s culture to try not to upset them.

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