Goals, Joys, Struggles

By Aaliyah Jones  |   From : Cleveland  |   School : Facing History New Tech (Cleveland)

Chapter 1: Goals

My goals have levels, The first level is to get out of Cleveland. I can’t stay in Cleveland, I don’t think its good for me or for my family. Cleveland this is not a safe place and I just don’t want to raise my kids in Cleveland and I don’t want my nieces and nephews to grow up here either. But in order to get out of Cleveland, I have to do good in school and stay out of trouble so I can go into the navy. Speaking of navy that’s my next level, Going to the Navy will open up so many doors and opportunities, when I go into the navy I want to be a weapons specialists and a communications director. While in the navy I want to be stationed in Tokyo and after that, I just want to travel for the next four years while in the Navy. Also While In the navy I want to study business and criminology like I would do if I were to go to college. After I leave the navy my next level is to go into work with the FBI as a profiler, I want to work as a profiler for a couple of years then I want to retire. After I retire my next level is to open up my own business, Multiple types of business, One of them I want to be a shelter for homeless people, but not just any regular shelter my shelter will focus on helping the homeless find their families and find jobs and homes so they don’t have to be homeless anymore. Finally, I want to move to Hawaii. Hawaii has always been my dream place to live. I want to buy a house in Hawaii and just live there for the rest of my life. Those are the goals that I plan to turn into a reality.

Chapter 2: Joys

Despite the fact that people may think I’m mean and many other things, one thing I enjoy a lot is helping people. I love the feeling of knowing that I made a person feel good, or helped them with something. I hate watching television and seeing the news of all these people going missing and there is nothing I can do about it. I plan on doing many things to help people in my career. If there’s nothing else I can do in my future, helping people will be the absolute thing I do in some type of way. I also enjoy learning about the mind of a human mind and behavior, I am super interested in learning about that type of stuff. Another joy of mines is to be alone. People find it very weird when I say I love to be alone, but I can’t help it, I am my best me when I’m alone. I think straight, I am most happy, I can get my work done faster when it’s just me and music. What I enjoy entirely is proving myself. I love to do what people say I couldn’t. When I prove that I can do whatever people say I can’t It makes me more proud of myself. But not only proving others wrong but To myself. I Enjoy pushing and proving myself that I can accomplish things that I thought couldn’t at first. By pushing myself to do things helps me learn who I am, and also what I like to do as a person. The last thing I can say I enjoy is Sleep. My siblings say that sleep too much, but I can’t help it. I’m always trying to sleep. I don’t sleep at important places or events like church or school. As soon as I get home, I would l be rushing for my bed or for the couch. I appreciate sleep and resting because without it we would all be exhausted and mean and probably bitter too. I guess you could say I’m lazy, But I don’t see it that way. I see it as a young girl who does a lot throughout her days and takes the little time she has to herself to sleep because that is what she enjoys. There’s not a bunch of things that I can say I enjoy or I take joy in for the reason that I am a boring person and I don’t do fun stuff, but there you have it. These are the joys I have.

Chapter 3: Struggles

One thing I struggle with a lot is doubting myself. I doubt myself all the time, And it really stops me from Doing things. I sometimes don’t think I can achieve my goals because they seem so hard to achieve. I try to think positive, but in a world full of negative people stuff its hard. Doubting myself comes from me being insecure, which I’m working on. Opening up to people is another struggle I have. I don’t like people in my business so I usually just keep everything inside. Bothering people with my problems is something I don’t want to do so I just don’t say anything at all. These are my Goals, Joys, and Struggles.


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