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God, don’t leave me alone.

By Woswaldo Laventure  |   From : Belle Glade (Florida)  |   School : Glades Central High School

My name is Woswaldo Laventure. I was born in a city called Port-au-Prince in Haiti. It looks like Pahokee. The city smells like strawberries and feels cool. In my room you can find a television, a computer, and all my shoes.

The names of the people in my family are Isaac, Estefane, Alex, Junior, Robenson, and Wilson. One of my family traditions is when we wake up every morning, we pray together. In my life the sentence that is important for me is “God don’t leave me alone, because without you I can’t do anything better”. In my country where I was born they celebrate voodoo. My favorite food is rice and beans; I like it because it is good and gives me energy. One of my childhood memories is when I was nine years old. I pushed my cousin and his hand broke. I was afraid when I saw that happen. I was born on December 11 in the winter. My mom told me it was very cold, but I like it, because it is Christmas time, and many other people like it too. Where I am from people like to work. They know how to make shoes; they make gardens, and every night they make griyo to sell to other people. Sometimes they create programs to help children and each other. My favorite things I like to do is help people how I can, play soccer, and take care my mom and my dad.


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