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God and the family are everything and it helps you to keep it real in this life.

By Naomie  |   From : Saint Denis, France  |   School : Lycee Suger

My name is Naomie. I’m french and carribean by blood. I was born in a christian family. I have 2 sisters younger than me : Karen(14), Yvana(10). I live in St Ouen and I am going to Suger highschool in St Denis. To us the family is very important. So that’s the reason why I have always been surrounded by aunties and uncles that gave me and my sisters advice and always encouraged us through all the steps in our life.

My mother is from Guadeloupe and my father is from Martinique, They separated after almost 16 years of marriage because my father was making the atmosphere unsafe and unhealthy. He was not being good to my mum so she took all her courage and told my father to go away. At the beginning it was hard because my father didn’t want to leave. I remember that day when my sister and I were about to go to school, my uncle was picking my 3 year-old sister up when my father who was hidden behind the staircase came in my house and locked himself up inside of it. So I remember that I was scared and we all went for 2 weeks at my uncle’s house .

My relationship with my father has always been complicated, because i was expecting so much promises that he didn’t kept and we have a different philosophy of life and two different personalities. So for a while I didn’t go to his house like the law expected me to do (every week ends and on wednesdays). From now on I won’t say that my relationship with him has not been complicated but it’s better than before. I guess that’s the reason why I got tough and created a kind of shell around my feelings not to be hurt or disappointed again.

I won’t complain of my life because some people have lived more horrible things than I have. Like I said God and the family are everything and it helps you to keep it real in this life. My story is not extraordinary, just normal and unfinished because I am still young and have a lot of things to learn and live. Here is my unfinished and uncompleted story…


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