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I have gone through many difficulties

By Kettia  |   From : Haiti  |   School : Glades Central High School (FL)

My name is Marie Kettia Dortilus, and I am Haitian. I am 19 years old.  I want to tell you a little bit about how I am in the United States and my experience in this country. I have always lived with my father, because when I was 14 years old my mom came to the United States. My father supported us financially, and I had a great life with my father. He supported me for everything. I love him so much.


I have gone through many difficulties and experiences in the United States that have made me realize that we must value the people we love. At any second they can no longer be by our side. In December 2016, my mom told me that my sister Kerlyne and I were coming to the United States. I said, “Okay, Mom.”  When I was coming to America I was happy and sad, because I was going to miss my father. When we arrived in America, we lived in Delray Beach, and I went to Atlantic High School. I remember the first days at school were not easy for me. When I came to school for the first time, I was afraid.I did know how the others would treat me and how everything would be.I got to my classroom and everyone treated me well, but I was still nervous. Weeks later,I got used to it. My experience there was great, but not everything was great in Delray Beach. I lived with my uncle. He has children and when I first arrived they spoke with me.  But over the months they did not speak with me. Until now, I have no idea why.


When I finished the semester at school, I came to find my mom in Belle Glade. I have a goal in life and that is to be a nurse, but first I want to graduate with my diploma. My dream is to then go college.


After all time ,I have realized who my friends really were.I did not expect to be here US,and it been very difficult but, little by little God helped us.


This is my Story I loved sharing it and commenting experience in United States.


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