Sunlight in My Darkness

By Ahlam Hamad  |   From : Jordan  |   School : Bloomfield High School

A small, dark, empty class on the fourth floor of the 1st big building at “Zarqaa Modern School”, in Jordan. Two girls, wearing school uniforms, with ponytails, one with a long  light brown hair and big brown eyes, and the other with  short blond hair and small green  eyes. We were lying on the ground hugging each other, tears falling down on the dry, cold floor, my closest friend and I. A very low soft  voice kept saying, “Please don’t leave. I will really miss you a lot.  I will never forget you.” I started to cry more and more and the tears covered my face. I had to calm her down, but I couldn’t even calm myself.

A little sunlight started to shine in the dark classroom. And the two of us stopped crying. I said, “Every time I see the sunlight, it will be like you are there with me because …” She continued, “You came into my life and made it shiny and beautiful just like the sunlight did in this room.” She looked  at me with her shiny green eyes and smiled. I stared at her eyes and said, “I will never ever forget you.Whatever happens and whoever I will be friends with. No one can be like you. NO ONE!”. She stood up and grabbed my hand with hers and got me up, hugged me and held my cold hands. “You’re gonna be ok, and you will live a new life so you will know more, and you will be happy,” she said, with tears sneaking  out of her red eyes and rolling down on her cheeks. I hugged her back and wiped her tears from her soft face, and said softly, “Lets go.”

We walked out of the empty classroom and to our class where the teacher and 22 classmates were waiting to say goodbye to me before I left. We entered and the whole class was silente. Everyone was looking at us, as they knew that we were both broken and sad. They started to make jokes to make a nice moment that I would remember as the last moments with them. I said goodbye to all my beautiful, kind friends, our tears rolling down on our soft cheeks. My friend was walking slowly toward me holding a gift box. She put the big heavy box in my hands. She was looking into my eyes with a soft look of goodbye. I opened the big red box and there were all kinds of candies. She smiled and said, “For a sweet future.” Also a small card was written on it with a red pen,  “We will miss you.”  I looked at each of my best friends a low laugh coming out from me, and my eyes were watering. My cute teacher Israa, who was always kind, strong, controlling, and smart, but still our favorite teacher, took my phone and said, “Smile everyone.  Ahlam you look so ugly. Smile!” Ha. She took ten pictures but she told me  that she took only two. She always made jokes and laughed out loud. Today she looked at me  with her deep brown eyes. “Be careful,” she said softly. She gave me a small hug, and let me go. And now I left the place that I lived my best moments  and walked away from the people I really loved, tears on my cheeks, red box in my hands, looking at the white ground, thinking about how my life would be without them and how my future would be.  On my way down to the office to go home, step by step, I remembered all the moments that happened here. I was looking at the picture that my teacher took, and at the girls with their white shirts, blue jeans, blue uniforms and beautiful white hearts. They barely smiled, but I  was glad to have the group picture. I was hoping for a sweet future and good life, but also not forgetting the sweet past that I had already lived.

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