When I was in Guatemala I worked washing people’s clothes

By Deily  |   From : Winter Springs, FL  |   School : Winter Springs HS

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When I was in Guatemala I worked washing people’s clothes by hand. I would help my mom around the house. I didn’t have time to play and I took care of my siblings. It was only my paternal grandfather who was mean and would scold us every day, especially me. Well yeah, where I lived it was a lot of little houses and we didn’t have water. We would go out to bring it with a bucket on our heads and we had to walk 10 minutes. I have a disabled sister  and because of her we decided to come over here to the United States so that maybe a doctor could …

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…heal my sister. Although Guatemala is beautiful the poverty is why we came to the United States. In Guatemala almost all of us work but since we are poor, well to eat we had to plant corn. We had to take care of the plants, harvest them, cook the corn, make it into dough and make tortillas. When it rains all the dirt becomes mud. Were I lived all the houses were made of adobe and that was my life in Guatemala.

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My Life in the United States

When I came to the United States I saw everything differently. I thought that I couldn’t get used to it but it’s very pretty over here. I have a little time to play and I have the possibility of studying. I want to have a good future. After finishing up my studies I want to get a job, work and help out my family in Guatemala and then go back to my country. I really like the United States, well, although I can’t figure out school periods and I don’t know English but I don’t
lose hope that I’ll learn.

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And well, this week has been kind of hard for me but I never thought I’d be over here but God is love and miraculous. It’s helped to be here because Mexico didn’t want to let us through the good is things is that I’m finally here and we can start to pay the debt we left in Guatemala.

Well, what I want most is for my sister to get better because it’s very sad for me not to be able to talk to her, really I think only God can work that miracle.


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