Happy Melody

By Wander  |   From : Peru/Boston  |   School : Horace Mann School for the Deaf

At the beginning of COVID I would try to ignore the problems that were happening out in the world. People making the wrong decisions or not knowing what to do and having trouble with their emotions.


When I have a goal without a plan, I would daydream and imagine every outcome possible to achieving the goal and everything that comes with it, raising my hopes in the process.


I never went out with friends during the day and in the night time I wouldn’t go out either so I stayed at home with my family and spent time by myself and playing video games.


Depression started growing inside of my heart and it started to be an issue due to the mood I was in.


When you overthink it can be something positive but also very negative if you can’t really control what you’re thinking about, and it might be a while until you realize that is negative .


During the summer time I started to look for a part time Job, and did find a job where I had to clean a campus in which I started to receive my training weekly and started to be more independent in my Job. 


Someone was helpful and support can adjust to my feelings for counseling. I have another one medicine to provide a pill least angry control where outside walk anywhere going could be there lake or beach space .


However feel is difficult to communication as others the people struggle be understand my part of  sign language or use phone text sentence such a parent and family are hearing were through.


Enjoy to spend time at alone stay home or anywhere go outside during the season summer temperature hot of three month and swim on lake forest and chill anyone sit watch  as birds variety is their space nature . 


Final myself happiness not very often days so true imagine reason anyway an pros and cons see in the future look like well . 


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