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Happy to write my story

By Jean Beaugeme  |   From : Haiti  |   School : Glades Central High School (FL)

I am very happy to write my story about my life. I remember the first day I came to America. I was very happy. l saw beautiful houses and the ways that were so different from my country. The United States is different from Haiti, because the Haiti is tropical. In the United States there are clearly all four seasons.

I remember the first day I came to school. It was a very dark day, because l was missed my friends and my teachers. I remember when I came, I couldn’t read or speak English. I was badly hurt.

The worst time since I’ve been in the United States was when my father died; I was very sad. Everyday I could not imagine that no one will stay on earth; all pass away. They do not remain forever. I do not take that for nothing.I will never forget what my father has done for me  I regret that he did so much and he did not enjoy anything in me. He told me to live my life working hard.

One of my best times I spent was when I went to my football match with friends, and we were all enjoying life our lives together .

I can say life in the United states is different from Haiti because I paid for education in Haiti, and in the United States education is free.  I can also say that the United States has more jobs. Life is easier than Haiti.


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