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Here Starts My Story

By Victoria Huerta  |   From : Belle Glade (Florida)  |   School : Glades Central High School

I remember very well where I lived in Mexico. My house was big, had a big yard to play, great terrain that belonged to my parents. There was also a ranch where there were animals like horses, bulls, cows, ducks, pigs, chickens and roosters and also a dog. This was free; there was no paying rent. Nobody had to ask permission to go out and play where I lived; it was so quiet that you would like to have a quiet moment. Obviously, where my home was smelled like a farm and also wet earth.

The objects most important to me were my toys. l liked making clothing designs for them. l loved to decorate my bedroom with different Spanish designs, and I found them very cute. My family is really cute. For example, my brother’s name is John; that’s his name, because he was born in the US so the nurse told my mom that would be the best name. My mother went to Mexico and my other brothers and I were born there. My second brother’s name is Francisco. This name comes from Mexico, and my third sister’s name is Livany Michelle. My name, Victoria, comes from Spain, but my parents gave me that name because it is also name of my grandmother.  The last sister that l have is Dannai.

One of my family traditions is that girls can’t have boyfriend before 18. Another tradition is that mom and dad have to work, but if there is enough money mom can stay at home and take care of the kids.

In my family when someone leaves the blessing of God because it is our religion. We also believe we must be respectful to whom we speak. We also believe women and men have to be respectful and not drink alcohol in front of the family or do undue things. Our most important meals are at Christmas; we eat pork carnitas, and on birthdays we eat tamales. We also eat posole and carnitas de Puerco which is pork meat that is only fried with seasonings such as oil, salt, garlic and onion. This meal is accompanied by spicy avocado sauce and the posole which are corn kernels with pork or chicken and tamales made of corn dough with pork.

The memories of my childhood are beautiful memories, because in Mexico I began to like riding horses. I also rode a bull that was big and beautiful. l learned to swim in the river near my house. Lastly my memory was when I saw a different being; to us he was a small manito, but when he saw me he went running. Worst of all nobody believed in my words. The climate from where I come is warm not cold but the sun does not give you the rays too strong. It rains for the months of June till October, and that is when the river comes and goes. Now we see that this place is a ranch where peasants who for the months already mentioned grow corn, squash and beans but it is a shame since they do not sell these products. Maybe it is because there are not many options or ideas that people have for a better economy. What is really my favorite thing to do is to ride horses through the mountains or ride on ATVs to those mountains, but it is also fun to walk. I am proud to come from this Mexican country, though it is sad that there are many intelligent people without the resources or opportunities to get ahead.

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