He’s Gone, I’m Confused

By Bryan Rodriguez  |   From : Sylmar, California  |   School : Social Justice Humanitas Academy

About 8 years ago, I was at my house with my sisters and mom. I heard my mom talking to my sister telling her that my dad got deported and that I wasn’t going to be able to see him for a while. At first i was confused because I didn’t know what that was supposed to mean. I didn’t even know what getting deported was. After a while i started feeling sad because I haven’t seen him in so long and i started missing him. I don’t really have a clear memory of this happening but I do remember being so confused and didn’t understand when i was told he was going to be away. After me understanding and realizing, i got over it so now my sister and I go to mexico to visit him about every two years with my grandma. When i’m over there i end up meeting new family and see how different it is here from there.He also calls to check up on me around once or twice a month to see if i need anything or ask how i’m doing. At the end, my goal is to try to get closer with him and find forgiveness so we can have a healthy relationship from all the years i didn’t see him. What i want to say about this story is to appreciate your parents/guardians or family in general because anything can happen and they won’t always be there. 

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