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High School

By Isabel Chacon  |   From : Bloomfield, NJ  |   School : Bloomfield High School

High school

The best memories, experiences,

discoveries, moments

And the best loves.

Fifteen years old

The perfect balance

Between innocence

And sagacity

The perfect meeting

Between mischief

And naivety.

I want to return

To the place

Where all is charming

Where we are amused learning

Where your friends

Make your life easier

Where the days go faster

Where the laughs are noisier.

Eight hours

To leave my land

Thirty minutes

To say goodbye

Five hundred seconds

To be on the other side.

The days go and go

And I don’t know

When I will go back

To my homeland

To the other part

Of my heart

Where my family is

And where I found happiness.



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