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My hope is to study, work, and build a house in Guatemala.

By Carlos  |   From : Guatemala  |   School : Lake Worth High School

My name is Carlos and I am 15 years old.  I am from Guatemala, and I came to this country with my dad.  In my country there are a lot of needs. You do not earn the same money as here.  In Guatemala you earn very little to support your family and to cover for daily life expenses.   For this reason, my dad made the decision of traveling to the United States, so that I will have a better future.

October 28, 2016 was the day I left my country with my dad. I was sad to leave my mom behind because she gave me my life, and I had to leave her behind to go ahead in life.  It took us a month to get to the United States because it was not an easy journey. We had to borrow money to make the trip and my family was worried that something might happen to us.  My hope is to study, work, and build a house in Guatemala.

I have made it to the USA.  When I open my eyes, it is like a dream because I was not planning to come here yet.  I wanted to finish my studies in my country and then come here. I see everything so different.  My happiest memory was when I went to Miami to meet my cousin and my brother. The saddest memory was to pass Christmas without my family.

During my first days in the United States, I felt very sad, since I was young I did not know how this was going to be.  My first day at school, I did not have any friends, and, when my teachers started talking English, I did not understand anything.  At lunchtime, I did not have anyone to sit with because I did not know anybody, so I spent my first day alone. Then, I met other classmates and they helped me with my classes. This country could help new students by teaching them how to write and read in English to have a better education.  I have learned how to be intelligent and respectful, at the same time humble to help my classmates. I am studying English which is very important to get a job and to help my dad with his debts to get my family ahead.

I want people to respect elderly people and people that are in need, to get away from bad habits, and to respect the law.  I will always remember what I have suffered to be in the United States. I want to be a football player. It is very hard, but I want people to know that I came here for a better future to help my family.

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