In hopes of a good life

By xjimer  |   From : Panama City, FL, USA  |   School : Bay High School

When I was 3 years old my father left Guatemala, He came in USA with the hope of a good life for us, by this I mean my mom my brothers and I, After 3 more years my mom left to USA too, She wants to help my father to feed us. She left us with my grandpa and grandma, my grandma took care of us after 2 and a half years my grandfather was killed. A man that who supposedly was my grandfather’s good friend his name was EUSEBIO, the stupid a##hole thought that my grandfather died, so he took him and threw his body into a hole.  My grandpa was unconscious but eventually, he stands up and comes out of the hole, He started to walk to his house that was like 15 minutes away but he was very lacerated so he could not stand.

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