How Do I Protect My Dreams?

By Kendry Morales  |   From : Costa Rica  |   School : Bloomfield High School


Beginning of the year 2020

Everything seemed normal

until a fear woke up

aroused a concern around the world.


A fear that I never felt before

everything around me disappeared

I didn’t see people on the street

or worse, from the world they disappeared. 


The name seemed funny to me.

Honestly, I didn’t understand.

I didn’t believe what my ears were hearing.

Until my eyes saw death. 


When we stop seeing those smiles

of people on the street?

Why now do we have to cover them?

Don’t you miss your life without a mask?


I have many questions,

I have many concerns.

The covid brought them

I don’t know when it will leave.


I want to wake up now

From this earthly nightmare

I want to wake up now

and see smiles down the street.


I’m scared.

If one day I stop smiling

because someone won’t come back …

Imagine that day crying.


Life goes fast.

But covid

it takes my time

and sometimes my dreams


I’m scared.

What if I can’t meet the whole world?

I fear not fulfilling my dreams

All because one day an enemy came into the world.


Are we letting a virus turn us off?

Turn off our dreams

like water falling

over burning flames


I want to see my mother proud

of a daughter being a doctor

I want to hold my mother’s hand

and travel the world.


I want to achieve that

what a girl imagines

and that now I long for


My future children

Will they grow up happy?

Will they be happy

Or will they grow up in fear for the world?


I am running out of time

and I’m at home

imagining a normal life



Am I being dramatic?

Sometimes I tell myself

“Detente ahora!” You’re hurting yourself

But those thoughts don’t go away


The coronavirus

it’s more than a virus

It’s a monster

that torments me



I can be stronger


I always think that.


Covid takes lives

but I’m still alive

I feel alive!

I won’t let it take my life


I will not permit it

to steal my dreams

my happiness

my peace and motivation.


I want to live happily

the people I love

to be able to enjoy

I want to live happily 

 -Kendry Morales


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