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A hungarian and french girl.

By Julie  |   From : Saint Denis  |   School : Lycee Suger

Hi, I’m Julie. I’m 15 years old and I live in France with my parents, my sister and brother and my nephew. We all hrew up there. I have hungarian origins from my mother’s father. My family and I are close-knit.

I love watching series and films. I love reading and listening to music. I’m a lot on social networks. Maybe too much.

When I was in Junior highschool, I had problems because of a girl that i didn’t even know. I was in 6th grade. She said that I was racist but I wasn’t and I’m still not.

I don’t really like our society. People need people but people judge people. Always. Today, the problem is that you can’t do anything without people saying something. When I dyed my hair, they judged me. Even if this society sucks, in a way, I like it. We’re in a free country.

Sometimes, even if I’m happy, I would like to be in a quiet place, alone, with my music. Or just ride horses. I love having fun with my friends from Saitn – Denis and with my friends from a camping in the North where I go since I was 1 year old.

I love speaking with my friend from the USA.

I’m such a dreamer. I wish to travel the whole world. I wish to go to Hungary. I really want to go to the USA. I would like to meet people. And I wish to live there.

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